How it works

SPUD Asset Management

Login and set up your account FREE OF CHARGE, use it for 30 days, if you don’t like it, don’t use it, let us know and we’ll close your account with no charge, simple as that.

Customer Set Up

You’ll need to add the cost codes you use to manage your Labour, Plant and Materials. To make this easy for you we’ve set up an example of these codes, so you can use these or edit them to match your own codes.

Manage Your Users

Invite your employees by simply adding their name and email address, they can then log in and complete their personal details and any training they’ve received.

Add Your Project

Create your projects using the easy to use template.

Invite Suppliers

Simply add your suppliers email address to invite them to add Products or Plant Hire items to SPUD for you, these will need to be approved by you. The categories they create will only be viewed by you with your prices.

Add Documents

Now you can add all the documents you use in your company, we’ve already set up electronic templates for your time sheet, New Start Form, Requisition, Purchase Order, Call off order and Site Diary which includes a template for RFI’s (Delays on site) and Instructions. These forms all have the correct member of staff being notified when they are created.

That’s it you’re now set-up!

Now all you have to do is watch the information flow, you can set tasks for your employees and get notifications when they’re completed, monitor reports on labour – see who is on site, how many hours they’ve worked and what it’s costing you. Purchasing – orders placed value of materials and plant broken down in an easy to export / read format for valuations. Document Control – who is carrying out the inspection they need to keep you compliant with CDM. CVR’s – a combined report of all your on-site costs. Progress – through our site diary you can see progress, delays and any opportunity to pick up extra costs on a project.

Now you can do all this from wherever you are on the planet, you no longer need to chase people for this information, it’s in the palm of your hand the second it happens.

What does it cost?

£100 Per Project Per Month

Start a FREE no obligation trial.