Document Control Features

SPUD holds all of your company’s documents and puts the information each user needs right in the palm of their hand

SPUD Asset Management

SPUD holds all of your company’s documents and puts the information each user needs right in the palm of their hand – but ONLY the information they need. No more and no less.

We have designed SPUD with the construction industry in mind, ensuring it can break down a huge mass of documents into manageable categories and sub-categories. Our project management tool makes it easy for you to choose which categories each individual user can see, and generally ease the entire construction process. Every single document has a reference number, an issue and revision dates so you know for sure you’re complying with that lovely ISO 9001:2015 certificate you may well have hanging on the office wall.

And we have made it as easy for your users as it is for you. They just choose the document they want from the category and download it. Then they complete and upload it. Job done – well nearly… Importantly, we know this isn’t information for the sake of it. You need to collate this stuff into various reports – which is why SPUD enables you to add questions/prompts that elicit the key information.

We were asked by a customer if we could build them an electronic safety audit, we decided to go a bit further and we have a lot more to do with this area.

Whether it’s LOLER checks, a near miss report or permits to work, you can now build any style of document in an electronic format, assign it to your workforce and get notifications when they’ve completed it.

SPUD enables you to create and distribute safety audits to your workforce whilst ensuring there is a complete and compliant audit trail.

Create your document with a range of question types, set weights against your answers to get a notification when issues arise on your projects. Request a photo for any question and you can even ask the user to sign the document.

We’re currently designing reporting functions on these documents to push data back to management on all project functions.

All audits are exportable from the software tool in PDF, so far, we’ve helped customers set up:

  • Site Audits
  • LOLER Checks
  • PUWER Checks
  • Pre-start plant checks
  • Pre / Post pour inspections
  • Excavation check sheet
  • Near miss reporting
  • NCR
  • Handover Sheet
  • Permits to work

This list could go on forever.