Document Control Pricing

SPUD’s Document Control Module has been fairly priced to allow construction companies of all sizes to benefit from the technology in construction today

SPUD Asset Management

We charge £20 per month for each live project*

A live project is one that has activity throughout the month, you can close projects when they are not active and you will not be charged.

For £20 per month you get:

  • Document Control
  • Database Storage
  • Mobile Documents
  • Drawings Management

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Set Up

We can assist with setting up all your project, user, categories and documents, we have set pricing in place for this so please get in touch if this is a service you think you’ll need.


We can offer online screen share training or face to face office or project training.


Once you sign up, you will be given the details of your account manager who will look after all your needs and keep you informed on any updates or other valuable information.

*Projects that are set to active in the project profile. Restricted to 300 users per project and 30gb of file storage per month.