Supply Chain Management Features

Requisitions An improvement on the standard fax / email of the paper requisition. Project staff […]

SPUD Asset Management


An improvement on the standard fax / email of the paper requisition. Project staff populate their requirements and that’s the last time you’ll need to write those requirements out. The Requisition is sent to your Buyers who will select the suppliers to price and on return of the Requisition your Buyers will have all of your pricing from suppliers in the one place, showing the best option and the total value from each supplier. With one button your Buyers can convert the Requisition to a purchase order, choosing line by line item or the entire Requisition.

Supplier Catalogue

In our Materials and Plant Hire section you or your supplier can upload catalogues for your users to select the items they need Each item has an image, name description, pack size, MSDS and technical data sheet and the Buyer has full control of everything. You can decide what products users can see and approve all products uploaded by the supply chain as well as approving requests made by project users.

Call off orders

Call off orders are part and parcel of any buying office but with SPUD’s Call off orders all stakeholders can know exactly where the order stands. With percentage draw down notifications sent to the commercial team on call offs and a traced audit trail on each call off, compiling valuations couldn’t be easier.

Muck away / concrete / rebar cost management

We’ve modelled the call off section to trace spend against all high value spend on the project.

Order Management

SPUD’s Supply Chain Management solution provides all of those involved in the process with an open view on what is happening throughout, from approval by the buyer, engagement from the supplier right down to the GRN from the project and payment by the account (hidden by access rights). The reason our customers love our Supply Chain Management solution is because there is nothing else on the market that has been designed by a construction buyer.


We have included a full PQQ system which allows you to introduce your supply chain and approve them to conform with clause 8.4.1 of ISO 9001:2015 (INSERT LINK , You can set questions to ensure your supply chain is as compliant as you expect them to be as well as obtaining insurance documents, certification and anything else you need to ensure your back is covered.

Plant Hire Management

With SPUD’s plant hire manager you can manage all of your internal and external plant hire, on hire, off hire and report against all plant across all of your projects.


SPUD’s Estimating module allows you to build up the costs across your project programme by cost code across materials and plant (and labour if you use the SPUD Labour solution).


SPUD’s CVR collates all project costs, allocating all delivered materials and plant (and labour if you use the SPUD Labour Module) and adds them to the CVR section. You can see actual spend versus predicted spend which shows you exactly where you stand on each project, and even better, it’s exportable.


SPUD’s reporting offers exportable data across Plant Hire and Materials with all the information you need including order status, total value delivered and much more.

Site Performance Report

We’ve also included a Site Performance Report which shows managers which projects are performing, who’s completing their GRN’s and whose not.

********NEW FEATURE ADDED********

Invoice Auto-Matcher

Invoices can be imported by either your supplier or accounts office. GRN’s can be completed on site and your invoices will automatically set to the status and you’ll be informed when they’re ready for payment. Your accounts team can now have a full audit trail which identifies where each invoice is in the process, includes a query facility to discuss issues with your supply chain and audit trail on approval.