SPUD Contract services

How we work

  • Terms issued

    We will issue our terms with a full breakdown of how our relationship will be formed.

  • Offer of service

    On receipt of signed terms we will issue an offer of service.

  • Data collection training

    At this point we will carry out a data collection training session, we will walk you through the process or the information we will send for data collection and identify the amount of information you hold on the Workforce to establish if we can directly upload this information and make the set up process easier for all involved. You will also receive training on the Labour Management Module of SPUD.

  • Data collection documents and training guides

    We will then issue an email with our data collection documents and guides for accessing and using your SPUD account, you will also receive your login information.

  • Project audit schedule

    Once all your data has been received we will issue a PROJECT AUDIT SCHEDULE, this will identify when you will expect to receive your workplace inspection.

  • Supply chain assessment

    We will carry out a full assessment on your current workforce and how they have been engaged to this point. We assess:

    Number of workforce

    Their relationship with the company or previous provider

    If Limited companies are engaged to supply labour only

    Are personal service companies engaged

    What checks for UK Right to Work and is the correct determination for off payroll working carried out

    What documents are in place with the Workforce

    How are the Workforce currently Insured

    If there are any current or outstanding legal cases

  • Project audit

    We carry out Project audits to ensure that the place of work meet legislative requirements. We will also carry out a short ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 audit to ensure the Workforce are correctly briefed, the work environment is safe and meets the requirements of all governing agencies. These audits can be very helpful as we will issue a full audit report identifying any NCR’s established on the Project.

  • Handover training

    At this point we will carry out handover training so your staff receive full training on SPUD’s Labour Management Module fully populated with your information.

  • Refresher training

    We will carry out a refresher training course when you are ready to submit your first set of timesheets to make sure your staff fully understand the process.

SPUD streamlines all key processes within a construction business whilst ensuring total cost control.