Data Security

SPUD – Tried, tested and trustworthy: GDPR and beyond

We are construction industry people through and through. Building things is what we do – and whether it’s bricks and mortar or an online entity we do it right. In developing SPUD the importance, potential sensitivity and value of your data have been foremost in our minds. We are keenly aware that by using SPUD you’re trusting us with a precious commodity – and we’ve gone to great lengths to guarantee your privacy.

GDPR compliance is just the start. In the process of attaining ISO 27001 we’ve worked closely with our solicitors to ensure we’ve addressed and complied in full with all GDPR requirements. In fact we’ve gone way beyond those standards to ensure the integrity of our customers’ data – for example by commissioning full penetration black and white box testing of our system. And we’re happy to say the testers gave us a glowing report. We have also encrypted all data and have developed sophisticated measures to make sure no one gets to see anything for which they don’t have authority.

But rest assured, we’re not complacent – our drive for best practice is an ongoing, ever-developing thing, as our comprehensive programme of regular internal and external penetration testing proves.