SPUD – Your Free and Fair Trading Forum

One of the many great things about SPUD is that it works both ways – with benefits for purchaser and supplier alike. This means it acts as an open online forum where you can trade completely transparently and free of charge with any customer who also uses SPUD.

Crystal Clear Audit Trail

And you don’t even have to be online to take advantage of it – the moment your customer issues an order you’ll get an email letting you know you need to login to SPUD. Then with just three clicks (or touch points), the order will be presented in front of you. From then on in you’ll have a crystal clear audit trail for this and any other order by showing your product number and description and, most importantly, the correct price.

Automatic Emissions Information

You can add your own vehicles and pick the specific delivery vehicle for each order from a drop-down menu. This automatically adds CO2 emissions for that vehicle to make it a piece of cake for your customer to run CO2 reports for every single delivery.

Add, Edit and Copy Categories

You can build categories for your customers. Once built you can copy the category for a new customer and adjust the pricing and products to suit. For each product you can add an image, technical data sheet and MSDS sheet. Your customer will need to approve any new categories and any changes to categories.

Bulk Invoice Uploads

But we reckon the best bit of the lot (and we think you’re going to agree!) is that you can upload all invoices for each customer in one hit – no matter how many there are. Just set the file name as the purchase order and you can pull up all the invoices at once and they’re automatically matched to the purchase order.

Quick and Easy Query Resolution

You can do the same with GRNs if the customer needs them. And if either or both of you query an order a notification is automatically issued to the other party. From then on, you can both add notes and receive responses until the query is resolved. Once it’s all settled, all relevant notes are saved for future reference should the issue raise its ugly head again!

Speedy quotations process

Your customer sends you requisitions for pricing and you can upload a quote in Excel format for the customer to convert directly into a purchase order. Either way, you speed up the quotation process and get the order back in a familiar format that uses your own terminology and product numbers – which means your invoice is far less likely to be queried!

Advertise Direct to ALL SPUD Users

The forum is the ideal medium through which to advertise your products and services to ALL SPUD users who hold purse strings. Not only is your advertising budget targeted with unprecedented accuracy – we will also be allowing any customers interested to advertise their current product and service needs so that you can tender directly for that business.

Truly transparent and Genuinely Free of Charge

We say so in our terms and conditions – but just to reiterate, WE NEVER TAKE ANY MONEY FROM YOUR TRANSACTIONS THROUGH SPUD. Connecting you with your customers in this way is just another benefit of using SPUD!

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