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The Total Construction Industry Project Management Tool

SPUD is the totally versatile, amazingly comprehensive construction management software the whole industry’s hungry for… We know that for sure because, between us, SPUD Construct’s directors boast 40 years’ Purchasing and Project Management experience at the sharp end of high-end commercial construction projects.

So we know all too well our industry’s challenges – the burning issues and hot potatoes… And after a lot of dreaming and debating, swilling and spilling coffee by the gallon and pouring out our brains (and our hearts) onto a page, we and our in-house development team are proud to present the web / APP-based planning and workflow software program our industry’s always needed. We think it’s going to blow your mind!

So what exactly does SPUD do for you?

The short answer:

It gives you complete control over construction planning and workflow… And saves you serious amounts of money by cutting out a huge amount of hassle and admin. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s a total project management tool that provides complete workforce oversight and site access control while dramatically slashing labour costs and adapting effortlessly to the way you work.

Better still, SPUD software also automates the whole invoicing process – so no more tedious data entry and order-matching detective work! And because it automatically collates vital reports, from ISO 9001:2015-compliant Document Control and PQQ to detailed employee Health & Safety bulletin complete with an audit trail, you get peace of mind as part of the package.

The longer answer:

  • Hardware-free labour clocking process
  • Workforce management and full control access rights control
  • ISO 9001:2015-compliant document control
  • Project drawings management
  • No more entering invoices! Handles plant and materials purchasing, POD, purchase order matching and invoices automatically
  • Call off orders with alerts on percentage-based approach
  • No more plant off-hire-related invoice queries – Managed supplier interaction on plant on hire
  • Handles PQQ process to add suppliers to approved supplier list (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Live CVR cost comparison against tendered costs with ability to arc on project to give live to the minute costs against predicted costs
  • Progress reports with live postcode-based weather reports, automatic import of labour figures and plant, auto QS alert for CVI and RFI
  • Complete peace of mind on Health & Safety – provides detailed bulletins with audit trail showing which employees have viewed it – and alerting you to who has not!
  • Task-setting function to issue instructions to staff on specific project tasks
  • Snagging list function with ‘Before and After’ image upload and description for confirmation of completion by PDF report
  • Three-level cost code function to trace costs
  • Dashboard with graphs showing instant information on all functions
  • CO2 report for all deliveries to site and staff journeys to site


Take your time to explore what SPUD can do for 30 days on us! There’s no obligation and no charge – all we ask is that when (there are no ifs!!) you’re up for putting SPUD at the heart of your business, you simply post an image of a member of your staff in your logoed PPE using SPUD on social media with tag @spudnow

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Spud is 100 % owned by 2 directors who have no outside investment therefore have no outside entities attempting to sway the future of SPUD’s development leaving us the ability to grow SPUD with your involvement in the direction we chose together.