Labour Management

Designed to match the needs of the construction industry


SPUD’s Labour Management solution has been crafted to match the needs of the construction industry. After looking at the processes being carried out by construction companies across the country, a large section of the industry are still processing hard copy paper timesheets from projects.

Yes, this works and you can (with the right amount of people involved) get the timesheets to the head office, transfer the data onto a spreadsheet, get it to the director for approval and then get the details to payroll. The process we’ve designed from scratch allows construction contracts to catch all attendance for the workforce using a Biometric tablet, Facial Recognition or Geofence APP.

SPUD’s Labour Management solution adds all times to the timesheet which has been designed to collate the data restricting the times added by the conditions you’ve set for the project. Approval processes from project through to final submissions by the office allow you to take full control and have a complete view on your labour costs from start to finish.


SPUD's Biometric Tablet

SPUD’s Biometric Tablet works with fingerprint or an RFID card

SPUD's Geofence APP

SPUD’s Geofence APP

SPUD's Facial Recognition

SPUD’s Facial Recognition Scanner


Once you have invited your workforce to join your SPUD account, they have the ability to populate personal, banking and training information which is automatically available to every department of your business that requires access. Notifications are issued against the information entered to alert your safety department if the person has health issues or essential training has expired.

By using SPUD’s Labour Management Solution you can connect your project to your head office with no effort.

Geofence APP

SPUD’s Geofence APP is available on Android and iPhone for free. The app can be accessed by anyone who has been issued user details for SPUD. Your workforce can clock in using the Geofence perimeter you’ve set up for the project. You have the ability to move the project pin around the map then set a circumference distance around the project. Your workforce member must be stood inside this circle with their mobile phone to clock in or clock out. They will need to take a photo to prove it was them on site helping to remove the risk of dead men on your projects.

Biometric tablet

Our biometric tablet is one of the best in the world for biometric operations, we can be pretty sure of this as we’ve tried and tested our biometric tablet against many others on the market. Your workforce will need to register a fingerprint against the biometric tablet, and then at the beginning of their shift they press start on the tablet screen, add their fingerprint to the biometric scanner and they will be asked to confirm that the image and name shown on the screen is them. After they have clocked in, their attendance is visible on every managers’ dashboard, all clock in / out times are added to the time sheet and clock report.

Our biometric tablet is sold directly to you with a bespoke design stand and fixing bracket. The biometric tablet will work with Wi-Fi or we can provide a 4G sim card.

To allow our customers to adapt to the current issues with COVID 19, we have introduced RFID cards so your workforce can still clock in / clock out with NO TOUCH POINT REQUIRED.

Facial Recognition Scanner

SPUD’s Facial Recognition unit is manufactured by the world leader on access control. The Facial Recognition scanner picks up the worker as they walk towards the entrance and automatically clocks them in which is fantastic for keeping records of who enters and leaves the project. We can carry out a project survey to advise you on the best locations to install the SPUD Facial Recognition scanners.


SPUD’s Timesheet collates all clock in information registered against your workforce so your site managers can approve the times worked. Admins have the ability to set shift times for the project or the individual workforce member. The timesheet will automatically calculate the shift for each worker in accordance with the shift setting so all overtime will be approved with an audit log for the person approving. Your site managers will have the ability to edit and save the timesheet and your Head Office staff will have the ability to submit the timesheet so it can no longer be edited, enabling all costs to be added to the CVR for project cost tracking.

Training Matrix

SPUD’s Training Matrix is automatically populated when your workforce upload their certificates in the Labour Management section. The Training Matrix has a traffic light system to help you identify the current status of your workforce training. Notifications are sent to your health and safety department and project team to alert them to training certificates that are due to expire. With one click you can download a workforce members’ card or certificate. Handy filters allow you to search for workers with the certificates to assist with labour management.

Labour Report

The holy grail of any labour management system is the data. Our labour report gives you everything you need including a full breakdown of hours, projects and cost codes (trade type). All of which are exportable in the format you require meaning moving data to your payroll couldn’t be easier.

Clock Report

Our clock report allows you to drill into the detail. It records the history of edits and clock in / clock out times. These are filterable and exportable for when you need to have the conversation showing you hold all the cards.