Labour Management

Designed to match the needs of the construction industry

SPUD Asset Management

SPUD’s Labour Management solution has been crafted to match the needs of the construction industry. After looking at the processes being carried out by construction companies across the country, a large section of the industry are still processing hard copy paper timesheets from projects.

Yes, this works and you can (with the right amount of people involved) get the timesheets to the head office, transfer the data onto a spreadsheet, get it to the director for approval and then get the details to payroll. The process we’ve designed from scratch allows construction contracts to catch all attendance for the workforce using a Biometric tablet, Facial Recognition or Geofence APP.

SPUD’s Labour Management solution adds all times to the timesheet which has been designed to collate the data restricting the times added by the conditions you’ve set for the project. Approval processes from project through to final submissions by the office allow you to take full control and have a complete view on your labour costs from start to finish.


SPUD's Biometric Tablet

SPUD’s Biometric Tablet works with fingerprint or an RFID card

SPUD's Geofence APP

SPUD’s Geofence APP

SPUD's Facial Recognition

SPUD’s Facial Recognition Scanner