Designed to Fit Your Needs

We have structured our product to allow you to breakdown and choose the sections that you require. Whether you require one module or the entire platform – you can tailor SPUD to fit the needs of your company.

We have solutions for tracking your workforce through our Biometric Tablets, Geofence App, Facial Recognition Scanners and RFID Smart Cards. Or you can simply fill out SPUD’s electronic timesheet.

Building the Future of Your Construction

Find out about how each module can help your business.


Workers can be easily set up, clocked in and out using a bespoke biometric tablet or mobile app. The mobile app features geo fencing technology for location accuracy for your peace of mind. It creates electronic timesheets which can be inputted into your central systems and payroll. Training can also be logged and access given to project managers and health & safety representatives.


The complexity of construction purchasing is made easier with a digital approach. Materials for the plant can be quickly purchased online, with spending restrictions in place, and requisitions sent direct to the purchasing team. Purchase orders (PO) can be raised and supplier invoices linked to the right PO numbers giving complete control of the supply chain.


An online site diary can be used to log everything from weather conditions, delays, written site instructions or geo-tagged photos of progress on the project. Any delays or instructions are automatically emailed to the quantity surveyor, and tasks and safety warnings are easily sent directly to each worker on site.


Documents can all be quickly scanned in from mobile devices and saved to your central project-management solution. Site, operations and management teams then have instant cloud access to this information, for instant access, reporting and sign-off. Drawings can also be viewed on site and their status moved or updated as the project moves from tender through to construction.


Managing project costs is made more proactive. Estimates are easily raised and predicted costs can be allocated against cost codes and managed across the duration of the project. Labour, material and plant costs are added your Cost Value Reconciliations (CVRs) to deliver month-to- month breakdowns of estimated costs against actual costs.


Keeping in control of the project requires the best reporting. With a central cloud platform, you’ll have access to reports detailing labour (clocked and submitted hours, and total cost due), orders and plant (showing all purchases and items hired) and a full document report (showing all completed documents on each project).

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Full online project management

We have designed a software solution that we feel fully meets the needs of a construction company. With that being said, we invite you to join us in building an online platform that fully meets your needs for the future.









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