Fit For Work

In construction projects the labour trend moves with the programme

SPUD Asset Management

In construction projects the labour trend moves with the programme.

With the requirement to increase and decrease the workforce on a project on a regular basis. A construction company needs to have very rigid processes in place to deal with the legal requirements of bringing a new person into your workforce. Several departments require information from that person. The project team sits between these departments and the new member of the workforce, along with all their other duties. They must ensure that they have completed a company and client health and safety induction, collect personal information like their address and telephone number. They then must get a name and telephone number for their next of kin. They will then be required to answer questions on their health to find out if they require an additional risk assessment before they can work on the project. The required documents then need to be signed to agree to the company’s policies and legislation as well as the ID check. The company must take a copy of their passport, driving licence or identity card. This document must be transferred from the project to the head office whilst operating within the strict guidelines of GDPR.

Understanding requirements

SPUD’s Fit For Work Module establishes the requirements for workforce members to reach compliance for a company. You can choose the sections of their profile that they need to complete. These include personal information, banking and tax details and Identification. You can create an electronic questionnaire with pass/fail answers as well as adding a declaration and signature. You can also attach hard copies of documents for them to print out, sign and then attach to their profile. The profile is marked as ‘Fit For Work’ when all the set requirements have been completed. If there are outstanding elements, indicators are shown on the users profile and for the manager saving and submitting the timesheet.