SPUD Contract Services

The payment process

SPUD Contract Services will act as a sub-contractor to their clients, we engage directly with the workforce to ensure they are fully compliant before offering their services to our clients.

All workforce members are invited to add their information to their profile on the SPUD platform, they will add personal information, upload a valid ID and any additional documents to prove Right to Work in the UK, add banking and tax information, training certificates and complete the health questionnaire.

We will then carry out a Right to Work check, all passports will be verified and all members from outside of the UK or Ireland will have their settled status document printed from the HMRC website and stored in their folder.

As per the guidance issued by HMRC each member will be required to complete a joint determination, this sets out the terms under which the worker will be engaged and confirms whether the worker will be required to work under PAYE or they can be classed as a temporary sub-contractor.

Once the determination has been completed SPUD Contract Services will then complete the contractors IR35 determination on the HMRC portal.

When all the terms have been confirmed the contractor will be offered roles provided by our client base and a contract will be issued for each new role.

Your temporary workforce will clock in using SPUD’s Biometric tablets and all information will be sent to the timesheet on your SPUD account. Your project management team will check and approve the working times and submit to your wages page.

Your wages department will then check the times and rates and do a final submission.

This information will then be synced to SPUD Contract Services payment portal. An invoice will be issued for payment, upon receipt CIS and required deductions will be taken from the payment, and the workforces payments will be added to the payment run. The workforce will receive a payslip by email on Thursday morning and funds will be transferred to their account at midnight on the Thursday.

How we manage your information

All information is loaded onto the SPUD portal and stored in our Azure server, all access to GDPR related information is protected on the SPUD portal by a password issued to senior staff within the business. An audit trail shows all users that have ever had access and who has authorised that access.

SPUD is powered by data, from the original design we have build our systems to protect your data. SPUD has carried out full penetration testing to ensure your data is protect from both external attacks and internal contamination between accounts.

Our compliance

All of our processes have been recorded and referenced and form part of our operational processes. All new staff members sign an NDA when joining the business, they then carry out a process based induction as part of their training and all operations are covered by a rigid NCR process.

All processes and policies have been installed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013

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