Just a few updates this release that you’ll see your side.

Requisition performance – We did have a lot of feedback on the requisition, we’ve made a lot of changes to this form and all the information auto loading has slowed things down in a big way. We’ve listened, we’ve investigated and we have made improvements to the speed, this process should now be smooth and fast.

Please do tell us if you’re still seeing issues with speed in the requisition area.

Order status “New”

We identified an issue in the last release where the invoice page was very slow to load in the three way matching area, this issue was being caused by the speed of loading the PDF for the order as all other documents were stored and could be downloaded but the order PDF had to be created each time. It was taking up to 30 seconds to load the order but with our new fix this is instant. What we’ve had to do is create the PDF now at the point of order to store it for download, we’ve added the status to orders which are going through this process. When you land on the order page you will see the status as “New” that status will shift to the current status on the next page refresh.

PDF download speed up

As a result of the improvements for the three way matching page you will now see a vast improvement in all PDF downloads across the system.