What Next

We would like to invite you to plan the future of SPUD, below you can vote on what feature you would like to see next in your account.

Stores management

We will create a database of products and plant on each project and in your yard stores. When collecting items from your stores your storeman will issue the products to the user and they will enter their pin number to confirm receipt of the goods. This will give you the ability to monitor PPE use, book products or plant from your yard into your project stores.

We will also build the ability to add sections to your project and allocate materials, plant and labour to these sections, so you can break down costs on individual areas of work.

Deliveries calendar

We will create a calendar which will contain all material and plant deliveries to your project, we will also filter your CO2 reports for each delivery to this section and give you the ability to share this as a standalone section with your client, so their logistics team can manage bookings.

Toolbox talk

We will give you the ability to build a tool box talk with text and images, you will be able to invite staff to carry out a tool box talk or briefing / induction. You will be able to add questions relevant to the briefing, so your staff will need to answer the multiple-choice questions correctly before they can complete the briefing. The details of completed briefings will then be added to your training matrix under a briefing section to help your quickly assess what training your staff have completed.