Biometric is best?

We have a large customer base using our biometric scanners to record their workforces fingerprints so they can track their working hours through to payroll. Yes, in March of this year our active clock ins went from over 7000 per day to literally zero, we’ve worked closely with our customers to introduce processes to help get their investment back to work. We introduced RFID cards to help initially. Following this our customers have found that using wash procedures were just as Covid secure when using the tablet to clock in /out.

We looked at the other solutions on the market, facial recognition was the way to go, it was the best solution but….. we hit a few snags. facial recognition is not cheap, well, the version that works is not cheap and though we can provide this system it seems to be out of reach for the average sub-contractor. You can operate facial recognition on all of your projects if you’re willing to spend £4000 plus for each project, at a time when you’re trying to keep your workforce coming through the door this is not a good option.

But wait there are cheap facial recognition options on the market!

Yes, they are cheap, we looked at these and the name is slightly wrong. These units work on photo recognition so they only work about 80% of the time – so if you’re happy to only have 80% of your time sheet correct these are the system for you but I’m afraid you can’t buy them from us. If it isn’t 100% it isn’t going in SPUD.

95% of our biometric tablets are back in action. If you’re thinking of spending money to change your system, or your provider is offering you a brand new facial recognition system – keep your hand in your pocket. COVID is going to be costly enough to get through, if you’ve got a system and you’re not getting the same advice from your provider – give us a call and we’ll give you a copy of our process.