Introducing SPUD’s Biometric to Bank Solution

Here at SPUD we started our journey to build a construction management tool that would help contractors reduce the labour in their office environment and give them a better view on project activities. We started out with our build using our directors combined 40 years’ experience in concrete frame and groundworks in London, our software’s versatility and our strong customer support and on boarding process has helped us to adapt our software to meet their individual needs. This has helped us establish a strong customer base today (21.04.21) of 6407 active users and 1146 projects operating across Labour Management, Supply Chain Management and Document Control Modules throughout the UK and Europe.

Our long term plan and in house development team has enabled us to continue our development of our platform and we’ve done some fantastic builds like our wages department review page, fit for work process, mobile documents, invoice matching solution, PDF data ripping, enhanced CVR summary, RFI and CVI and a lot more.

Our long term plan has now progressed to include our Biometric to Bank Solution. We knew that we had an excellent process for customers collecting their clock in data from projects using our biometric tablets and app, we had already created our timesheet which allowed customers to manage the shift hours and breaks to give minimal touch point to process a completed timesheet and our wages review page which shows hours worked, rates and total amount to be paid to the worker.

The only thing missing was the connection to the payroll company. So we developed a platform that we could push all the relevant data to that could connect to payroll companies through an API.

All of your workforce members can now populate all their personal information, upload their ID and even complete their IR35 determination through the SPUD portal. SPUD facilitate the process to collate data for the payroll company to carry out right to work checks and completing the IR35 determinations on behalf of the payroll companies and all data and approvals are synced across to the payroll company.

Now when our customers approve their wages page all hours and rates are transferred to the payroll company who make the payments into the workers bank. We now have a fully functioning Biometric to Bank solution and we’ve had amazing feedback from our customers who say they have reduced their wages process from days to hours.

We have set out to build the future of your construction, if you want to join us on this journey get in touch today.