COVID 19 Options to keep tracking Time for your Workforce

With the current issues on projects we need to adapt to continue collecting information on employee work times. We have several options to work around the restrictions of touching public surfaces.

  • Entry straight on to the time sheet. This option is currently available on your account and would require no additional cost. Your project team can simply input the hours worked by the project team into the time sheet.
  • Managers clock in page. Your project management team can clock your workforce in and, clock them out of at the end of the day.
  • RFID Cards. If you have one of our Biometric tablets you can issue RIFD cards to your workforce which they can use to clock in and out by touching the Biometric tablet with their card.
  • Geofence APP. The APP is available on the APP Store and Play Store. You simply set your geofence area in your project and your users will need to be stood inside this geofence area to clock in and out of the project using their mobile phone. The user will need to take a photo each time they clock in or out.
  • Facial Recognition. SPUD’s Facial Recognition solution picks up the user’s image from 80cm away. It adds all enter and exit times to the clock report with the first and last entry / exit logged to create the attendance for each user.

All of the above options allow you to carry on saving and submitting your timesheets in the same method as before. Your labour costs will be allocated to the project through the CVR module and will populate the labour report for exporting to Payroll.

We hope the industry gets back to normal as soon as possible but until then, stay safe and speak to your Account Manager if you need any help.