Fit For Work just got easier

In construction projects the labour trend moves with the programme. With the requirement to increase and decrease the workforce on a project on a regular basis, a construction company should have a very rigid process in place to deal with the legal requirements of bringing a new person into your workforce. Several departments require information from that person. The project team sits between these departments and the new member of the workforce, and, along with all their other duties they must ensure they have:

  • Completed a company
  • Complete a client health and safety induction
  • Personal information
  • UTR
  • Banking information
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Name and telephone number for their next of kin
  • Health questionnaire
  • Company documentation
  • Acknowledgement of Company policies
  • ID check

All this information and documents must be transferred from the project to the head office while still operating within the strict guidelines of GDPR.

Every construction company operating in the UK has stood up to the challenges put before it to operate under legislation. The industry has raised the bar as we have all worked together over the decades to improve construction for everyone involved, from the introduction of compulsory PPE to increased inspection requirement at project level. Anyone who works in a construction project office will tell you that the level of paperwork has increased tenfold over the last ten years alone.

The key to ensuring a compliant workforce is getting the data into the right hands. By using SPUD’s Labour Management Module with the Fit For Work add on, you can set the requirements of workforce members so that they have clear guidance of what is required from them. Your team will receive notifications on data that does not meet the requirement, or information that highlights that an additional RAMS may be required for this person to be on site.

Your office will now have all information you need to approve their ability to work. Indicators throughout the platform highlight the employees Fit For Work status so even when your project teams are submitting the project timesheet, they will be informed of each workforce members’ status.

A Fit For Work Report gives full details of the status of all employees and the requirements they are lacking to complete their profile.

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