We’ve been catching up on customer requests and a few little improvements to help out with page loading speed. In this release we have:
Save button removed from order
We’ve removed the save button from the purchase order. All of the function on the order automatically update so there is no need for this button, once you’ve completed any function on the order you just need to press the back button and this will take you back to the order list view. I know this seems like an update that isn’t required but while reviewing page loading speeds we identified that there was a lot of historical code linked to this button and though the only visible function was returning you to the order list page it was taking a long time to link back to the orders page due to the amount of code being reviewed after pushing the button.
We hope this improves this page for you but please feel free to give us feedback.
Price change update
So with this update we’re trying to put more power in our customers hands. We’ve added an upload function that allows you to take your download of a suppliers category adjust the pricing and upload with the new pricing. This will help a lot of our customers with the every changing landscape of construction at the minute.
Hope you enjoy the power!
Smart card duplication 
This was a bug fix that we know a few of you had issues with, the rfid cards are no longer duplicating when adding a new card to a profile, sorry for the hassle with this one but this should be functioning well now.
Delete fingerprints
More than a few of you have been having an issue with deleting a fingerprint when the print that’s been added is not as good as it should. With the tablet manager access right you can now access the users profile and delete the fingerprint to reinstall.
It may help if you notice a faint print on the first fingerprint added, ask the user to apply more pressure, we have seen a lot of issues with users not applying pressure as they believe they won’t have to clock in if the print doesn’t register.
Third level cost code in labour report
We have had one customers feedback on this but I’m sure was an annoying feature for anyone using the labour report. On the cost code column we were populating the second level cost code so it was harder to identify the individuals role when viewing the labour report, this has now been adjusted to show the third level and make life a little bit easier.