SPUD Challenge #1



Well that’s that done.

Fantastic turn out by all involved, well done everyone.

Completed 56.35 Miles on Saturday, few more hills than the planned route at 3048ft elevation, there was a lot more moaning than I expected.

We lost a few people during the training period through injury and some bouts of laziness, but you’ll get your chance next year.

We raised £1,671.88 for CRASH Construction Charity, thank you to everyone who donated, your donation will help them do amazing things for homeless people.

Fairplay to Martin Weiss who couldn’t join us on the ride but managed to complete an off road ride through the mountains from Slavkov -> Breclav of 53.81 miles (we’ll be expecting a follow up picture showing the outstanding 1.19 miles)

SPUD Construct

London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2020

Unfortunately, this years official London to Brighton Cycle Ride has been cancelled due to COVID-19. However, the SPUD Team can not be stopped! We’ll be cycling the 55 miles locally around Hertfordshire so please dig deep and donate as much as you can to help us support the amazing charity, CRASH.

As we have all been stuck at home for a while, we thought that there’s no better way to the blow the cobwebs off than to participate in this year’s 55 mile long London to Brighton Cycle Ride. We have had an amazing response from our customer base and we can proudly announce our team:

Chris Green – Loftus Contruction

Patrick Loftus – Loftus Construction

Paul Bignold – PJ Careys

Sharon M O’Connell – PJ Careys

Carrie Marsh – NLSG

Nathan Rawson (Junior Software Developer) SPUD Construct

Paul Downey (Managing Director) SPUD Construct

Alice Anderson (Head of Customer Relations) SPUD Construct

Martin Weiss (Head of Development) SPUD Construct (Martin is unable to join us on the day but will be doing 84KM off road cycle from Slavkov -> Breclav in Czech Republic)

From all of us participating in the race, we appreciate any contribution that can be made, however big or small. The last few months have been incredibly challenging for everyone but some have been a lot more unfortunate than others which is why we are supporting the amazing charity, CRASH.

CRASH has been the UK construction industry’s social impact partner for almost 25 years. CRASH unites the power of the industry to do good by channelling their professional expertise, construction products and fundraising to build places that care for the sick, vulnerable and homeless in the communities we work and live. CRASH’s work demonstrates how the construction industry and the charitable sector can build more caring societies.

Well designed and expertly built environments have a positive effect on how we all feel and behave. This is especially true for vulnerable homeless people and children and adults with life-limiting illness.

The money we raise through this fundraising activity will enable CRASH to continue to create places that care for people so please be as generous as you can.

To find out more about CRASH and the charities they support, please visit: www.crash.org.uk

@SpudNow @CRASHcharity