We’ve found (built) the Holy Grail

Drum roll…….

I’ve been working in the construction industry a long time, I know what the issues were in the buying office, I know what the issues are in other departments too. As an industry we’ve been overlooked for a long time by technology, we’ve had our industrial revolution in technology in the last ten years. There are more software packages, apps and hardware available to the industry now than to most other industry, great to see the penny has dropped.

These technologies are coming from two camps, the “Jesus Christ lads there’s money in concrete we should be in there” and the “I’ve worked in this area I want to improve things”, if you’re not aware by now we’re in the latter camp. Our board of directors consists of an ex project manager and an ex buyer, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about construction but we engage with all our customers, we gain feedback and we build to provide you with the future of your construction.

So now what have we got for you? I have had conversations with Financial Directors, Managers and Accounts Admin from all sizes of construction companies and the one issue that most quote is matching:

Invoice Auto Matcher

GRN’s not handed in

Chasing site for confirmation

Chasing Buyers to fill out orders (leave them alone they’ve loads on their plate)

Having to ask the supplier for a GRN then send it to site for approval

Matching muck away tickets to the invoice

Getting all the muck away tickets back from site

Not getting the concrete tickets back from site

Then the mountain that is uploading invoices, companies are spending weeks each month entering data and yes the job is getting done but these hours could be better utilised.

So now by using SPUD’s Invoice Auto-Matcher all of the above is gone!

Invoices can be imported by either your supplier or accounts office. GRN’s can be completed on site and your invoices will automatically set to the status and you’ll be informed when they’re ready for payment. Your accounts team can now have a full audit trail which identifies where each invoice is in the process, includes a query facility to discuss issues with your supply chain and audit trail on approval.

The power of invoice approval is fully in your hands.

This is a fantastic build and works hand in hand with our Supply Chain Management Module. Give us a call today on 01727 614 800 or drop us a line spudteam@spudnow.co.uk if you want to have a chat about what we can do to build the future of your construction.