SPUD Asset Management

Sprint Release 08-11-21

Manual Clock in page changes Replaced the project toggle with a drop down which enables you to select projects and costs from it. Decreased the number of entries that load to help with speed of loading. Implemented paging in Employee page Employee page loads with only 200 employees at a time. Refine the list to get more precise data. Open […]

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SPUD takes on London Revolution

So who knew we had it in us, seven of us took on London Revolution and lived to tell the tale. Gordon Galvin, Matthew Downey, Trevor Healy, Michael Kilcoyne, Sean Downey, Brian Costello and Paul Downey took the challenge and done amazingly well to finish. Most of the lads had very little time to prepare for the event but finished […]

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Just a few updates this release that you’ll see your side. Requisition performance – We did have a lot of feedback on the requisition, we’ve made a lot of changes to this form and all the information auto loading has slowed things down in a big way. We’ve listened, we’ve investigated and we have made improvements to the speed, this […]

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OCR and Three Way Matching

OK so this was also part of our release on the 13/8 but we felt it needed a special announcement as this will vastly improve the way you operate as a business.   Our OCR (optical character recognition) is now fully functional and operating for some of our customers. We have mastered receiving invoices via email from suppliers and automatically […]

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We’ve been catching up on customer requests and a few little improvements to help out with page loading speed. In this release we have: Save button removed from order We’ve removed the save button from the purchase order. All of the function on the order automatically update so there is no need for this button, once you’ve completed any function […]

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Introducing SPUD’s Biometric to Bank Solution

Here at SPUD we started our journey to build a construction management tool that would help contractors reduce the labour in their office environment and give them a better view on project activities. We started out with our build using our directors combined 40 years’ experience in concrete frame and groundworks in London, our software’s versatility and our strong customer […]

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Biometric is best?

We have a large customer base using our biometric scanners to record their workforces fingerprints so they can track their working hours through to payroll. Yes, in March of this year our active clock ins went from over 7000 per day to literally zero, we’ve worked closely with our customers to introduce processes to help get their investment back to […]

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GDPR in Construction

The construction industry is one of the most adaptable industries, for the last few decades the focus on the industry has intensified and the introduction of checks on equipment, people and work areas has improved safety across the industry. GDPR, though not focused on construction has asked contractors to step up to the plate again. We don’t find it surprising […]

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SPUD Challenge #1

    Well that’s that done. Fantastic turn out by all involved, well done everyone. Completed 56.35 Miles on Saturday, few more hills than the planned route at 3048ft elevation, there was a lot more moaning than I expected. We lost a few people during the training period through injury and some bouts of laziness, but you’ll get your chance […]

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We’ve found (built) the Holy Grail

Drum roll……. I’ve been working in the construction industry a long time, I know what the issues were in the buying office, I know what the issues are in other departments too. As an industry we’ve been overlooked for a long time by technology, we’ve had our industrial revolution in technology in the last ten years. There are more software […]

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